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Technical Support

Technical Support

  • Requests for tech support (software, hardware including phones, network and AV) should be submitted by the teacher librarian or library secretary via the ITDirect module of SchoolDude.com.

  • The Tech Center Office Manager will dispatch all requests to the most appropriate tech support person.

  • The tech service database is reviewed by tech support staff, and priorities for addressing problems are assigned.

  • Tech support staff going to buildings will have a printout of all tech support requests for that building and will try to deal with as many as possible.

  • The status of all repair items can be found within ITDirect.

SchoolDude (Click this link to go to the SchoolDude website.)

  • SchoolDude is a web-based program for reporting and documenting tech support requests, specifically in the ITDirect module of SchoolDude. Librarians and/or library secretaries are responsible for submitting requests for tech support for their buildings.

  • View this Getting Started with SchoolDude tutorial.  It is a PowerPoint slide show with a lot of images, so it might be slow to load!  Be sure the "notes" are showing at the bottom of the slide screens.  Adjust the size of the slide pane to make the notes pane larger, if you prefer.

  • Occasionally, there are instances when phoning the tech center for tech support is acceptable and advised.  Note the following guidelines about when to use SchoolDude, and when to phone the Tech Center to report a tech problem:


Use SchoolDude Phone the Tech Center
  • hardware problems (failed hard drives, power supplies, monitor problems)

  • software installs

  • printer problems

  • phone problems (bad handsets, sticking buttons)

  • computer and printer discards

  • wireless questions and problems

  • user accounts (password changes, name changes, rights questions)

  • general questions

  • server problems (no vol 1, canít print, canít save, out of disk space)

  • network outage (all or part of building canít login, print, etc.)

  • telephone outage (all or part of the building)

  • internet outage (canít load any websites; be sure to check whether outside-the-district websites load)


AV Equipment Repair


Multimedia (Data/Video) Projector Repair



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This page was last updated on March 02, 2011.