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Literacy Model

Component 1: Types of Literature/Genres

Component 1

Component 2

Component 3

Component 4

Component 5

This detailed view articulates the specific objectives involved in Component 1 of our Literacy Model, as well as the content, lessons and assessments associated with each objective.



specific tasks students will be able to do



concepts, skills, strategies



methods for teaching the content


Read or listen to nonfiction books


Read or listen to biography


Read or listen to historical fiction new




Read or listen to realistic fiction new


Read or listen to fantasy new


Read or listen to science fiction


Read or listen to folktales new


Read or listen to poetry

Oral reading to large group


Student independent reading

Questioning strategies--factual/literal, interpretive, evaluative
Venn diagram

Large group discussion




Using a chart as a recording tool

Exploring Biography, Nonfiction and Historical Fiction

Reading Nonfiction Part I

Reading Nonfiction Part 2

Historical Fiction (2000)
Venn Diagram of Historical Fiction and Biography (2000)
Using the Titanic as an Historical Reference Point for Young Readers (1999)


Realistic Fiction lesson (2000)

Fantasy lesson (2000)


Traditional literature (2000)


All About Alliteration (1999)

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